ReactJS component names must begin in uppercase: Knowing this can save you hours.

Always name your own components starting with an uppercase. The reason is whenever the transpiler encounters an element type that starts with a lowercase letter, it assumes it to be a built-in component like <div> or <span> and results in a string 'div' or 'span' directly passed to React.createElement. But types that start with a capital letter will be resolved by the framework to a... Continue Reading →


From GWT to React Native

From GWT (Google Web Toolkit) to React Native, it's a full circle. While GWT, introduced around 2007 transpiled Java codes to JavaScript, the React Native framework now, seeks to do just the opposite.

Use HTML for structuring, leave styling to CSS.

In your HTMLs, use tags <strong> and <em> instead of <bold> and <italic>. Browsers with correct capabilities, will deal with <strong> and <em> appropriately, which includes displaying bold and italicized texts too, but these browsers would use <bold> and <italic> tags for just styling the displayed text and leave it at that.

Digital Marketing = [Digital + Marketing]

Digital Marketing is an amalgam of Digital and Marketing. Experience on both is a must for campaign designers. Going on a marketing overdrive while neglecting the digital part is sure to disengage audience. The delivery is on a digital platform and the audience super-savvy so unless the content has gamified visuals or other digitally exciting... Continue Reading →

Google Compute Engine

Virtual Machine (VM) of Google Compute Engine (GCE), has the  potential to replace desktops. You can switch devices and continue where you exactly left off. Coupled with Jupyter it's a breeze running Machine Learning (ML) projects on the GCE VMs. I used Anaconda to install Python ML modules and it was smooth. pyplot had issues... Continue Reading →

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